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When will we ever learn?
What is it we've undone?
Why is the lifeblood taken away?
Why do they feel ashamed?
Why don't they fly their surrender?
Is it the tainted blood in my veins?
The dirty looks thrown my way
Do they know I'll never surrender?
Maybe I'm the reason why,
Popularity sat on the side,
It gave in and surrendered.
They used to never listen,
Suppressing us was their mission,
To them it was the only way,
But one day soon they'll all pay,
Till we see their flag of surrender.
Soon they'll see why,
Difference kept me alive,
It helped me to never surrender.
I keep to the back alleys,
The shadows and the valleys,
It is how i stay alive
It is how i will survive
Never flying the white flag of surrender


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Gina Day
United Kingdom
Born in Gloucestershire

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